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At Herbalife we are about natural health.  Thats why from seed to feed you will only find all natural products used.  


Herbalife can be used for weight lose, gaining weight (muscle), Food suppliments for the sporting people.  In fact Hebalife has a complete range dedicated to the sports men & woman.  We are also nutritional sponsors of both LA Galaxy and Barcelona Football clubs.  


So if we are good enough and healthy enough for people like Lional Massi and David Beckham we are definately good enoughfor you.


I would also like to tell you my story.  When I started using herbalife products I had the very bad habit of forgetting to eat breakfast, with the result that by 11am I was craving something sugary to eat.  After starting to use these amazing products I lost 7Kg and after 6 months quite smoking (I had been a smoker for 40 yrs).  My 77 yr old mother has a shake every morning for breakfast as well.  I she does not then she will not eat until about 6pm.


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